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Welcome to the Playa Grande fund, where businesses unite to ensure the safety and prosperity of our beloved town and neighboring National Park. The 1% Community Fund was conceived from our admiration of the work and environmental responsibility of 1% For The Planet. It is a model accessible to businesses, credible for consumers and impactful for people and the planet. We strengthen community engagement through tools such as the 1% fund to implement civil safety measures, enhance the local public education system, and strive to protect public lands within the Marino Las Baulas National Park and the Tamarindo Estuary Wildlife Refuge.


As Playa Grande experiences rapid growth, businesses recognize the vital role they play in upholding the well-being of our community and the unique nature that surrounds us. We believe that secure neighborhoods not only foster a thriving environment for residents, create a valuable destination for visitors and safeguards the success of our local enterprises, but also enables us to protect the beautiful paradise we share. The 1% fund provides businesses with expertise in human well-being, environmental giving, credibility consumers trust and the accountability to follow through.


Participating businesses can enjoy the added benefit of a tax write-off for contributions made to the cause. This creates a mutually beneficial scenario, where businesses not only fulfill their civic duty but also reap financial advantages. By incorporating a modest 1% - 3% tax or price adjustment on their products and services, businesses actively contribute to the funding of several community and environmental initiatives such as private security patrols that actively monitor our streets and National Park. This proactive measure serves to curtail crime, protect our citizens, care for surrounding wildlife, and, in turn, support the financial health of our local establishments. It also shows customers their pledge to a more sustainable future towards long term environmental and social wellbeing. 1% fund members lead by example and set standards for new incoming ventures demonstrating their commitment to the community, and the natural surroundings which are the catalysts for the tourism that sustains their businesses. This is particularly important in a world where consumers seek out purpose-driven businesses that contribute to a responsible economy.


Connect with the 1% Community Fund network, share your giving story, become a member and leverage the power of our logo to communicate your commitment by contacting us at

A heartfelt thank you to our 1% Community Fund members who are spreading their love for our community through this initiative.

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